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Roto Grip Hustle Ink Bowling Ball
Roto Grip Hustle Ink Bowling Ball
Our Price: $84.95


Keep em on their toes...


Inside you will find the exact same Hustle Core we have used in all the previous Hustle balls. This dynamic core has quickly become a fan favorite in its short existence.


Because variety is the spice of life it was time to formulate yet another cover for this line. So we created the brand new Thrilled Solid Reactive coverstock that will create earlier movement than all the others and help give you some calmness on friction.


Bottom line this ball was built to further expand and create more balance in the HP1 line. Of the current Hustle lineup, the new Hustle INK will be the earliest and smoothest.

Coverstock NameThrilled™
Coverstock StyleSolid
Coverstock TypeReactive
Weight BlockHustle™ Core
ColorInk Blue
Finish1500-grit Polished
Finish MethodCan be sanded
Durometer73-75 on D-Scale
Flare PotentialLow - Medium/Low-Medium
Weights10lbs - 16lbs
Roto Grip Idol Bowling Ball
Roto Grip Idol Bowling Ball
Our Price: $139.95

Looking for a new benchmark ball, look no further.
Ideal for those Medium to Heavy oil conditions
Backend motion will not be a problem

The Roto Grip Idol bowling ball begins the next generation of upper mid-performance bowling balls. This ball introduces the Ikon core which helps provide good backend by pushing the limits of a symmetrical core. This ball also introduces the MicroTrax-S18 Solid Reactive coverstock. This cover uses Nano technology and provides more traction and is more aggressive than previous coverstocks in this line. This ball is ideally used on medium to heavy oil conditions.

Color: Magenta

Core: Ikon
Coverstock: MicroTrax-S18 Solid Reactive
Finish: 2000-grit PadRG: 2.49 (for 15# ball)
Differential: 0.052 (for 15# ball)
Recommended Lane Condition: Medium to Heavy Oil

Roto Grip Halo Bowling Ball
Roto Grip Halo Bowling Ball
Our Price: $169.95

Using a "cube like" shape as a starting point, additions and subtractions were made from there. The key being the radial disc shape added to the middle body of the core to increase the rotation/continuation of the core once in motion. This part took countless man hours and over 1 full year in development to become a reality.


The MicroTrax-S18 formulation was first introduced on the IDOL. This coverstock continues to be tested by our R&D team to ensure we haven't missed anything. To date, this blend still stands as the strongest solid coverstock formulation Roto Grip has ever introduced.


This ball was created to destroy and conquer the heaviest of conditions. By pairing the new super strong Centrum asymmetrical core with our strongest traction coverstock to date, the new HALO is a bowling ball revelation that is second to none. If you liked the original Hyper Cell or the original No Rules, then this ball is for you! Think that same type of motion ONLY STRONGER!

Asymmetrical Core: Centrum

Coverstock: MicroTrax-S18 Solid

Finish: 2000 Grit Pad

Flare Potential: High

Lane Conditions: Medium/Heavy - Heavy Oil

Reaction: Same type of motion as the original Hyper Cell or the original No Rules, only stronger!

12# RG 2.62 Diff .040

13# RG 2.60 Diff .040

14# RG 2.54 Diff .050

15# RG 2.49 Diff .050

16# RG 2.49 Diff .050